About Us

#LacyAndPaws works with businesses to reduce costs while creating a recurring source of revenue from merchant services to participating Rescue Organizations.

How it Works

  1. Business switches to #LacyandPaws for Credit Card Processing
  2. A % of Revenue from Every Credit Card Transaction is Donated to Rescue Organization of Your Choice
  3. Your Donation comes directly out of #lacyandpaws Profit, no up charging your client.

What is the Process

  1. Tell Local Businesses that #LacyandPaws can reduce their Credit Card Processing fees while donating a percentage to an Animal Rescue.
  2. #LacyandPaws will do a free analysis of their current pay structure and put together a proposal showing the savings to the business.
  3. If the Business is Interested you can either CLICK HERE to enter a lead and/or share this https://lacyandpaws.com/submit/ with the Business
  4. Typically we save the business money while donating a percentage of profits to Rescue Organization
  5. It is a Win Win for the Business and the Rescue
  6. We also give the Business a Decal to post and show that they are supporting a Local Rescue Organization

The Inspiration behind it all


Lacy had been abandoned in a field prior to being found by a rescue organization that saved her and placed her into the loving home she is into today

#LacyAndPaws donates a percentage of Revenue to Rescue Organizations. Help your local rescue by Sharing below