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#LacyAndPaws has processing solutions to fit all industry segments. Whether you need a surcharging solution, funds in your account the same day or a specialized Point of Sale. #LacyandPaws has solutions to fit your business needs all while donating a percentage of the processing to a local Rescue. 

Zero Cost Credit

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

Accept Credit Cards for 0%

Processing Instantly improve profit margins and stop paying expensive fees to accept credit card. Our surcharging solution passes on the fee to the consumer and you pay 0% in credit card processing fees. Some State Restrictions*

How it Works

Pay 0% on Credit Card Processing fees and only pay on debit transactions. Our Surcharging program is 100% compliant with no equipment requirements. The surcharge is only passed on if the customer chooses to use credit card, no surcharge fee if they use debit. 

No Equipment Required!

Transactions are processed through a Virtual Terminal, Hosted Payments Page, Mobile Hosted Payments Page or Card Terminal Depending on your Businesses needs

Fast Track Funding

Same day funding

What is it

Today, you might submit a batch at the end of the day with all of your day’s transactions, and though you know the money will eventually be in your account, it won’t arrive for another day or two. This kind of delay could be holding you back from managing your business or having full control over your cash flow planning. If you think there has to be another option, you’re right. Opting for Fast Track Funding, our Same Day ACH solution, means we can fund you within 24 hours of your batch submission. This service fast tracks your funds so your funds are delivered before you need them.

How it Works

When you opt for Fast Track Funding we put your funds into a specialized fast lane with the Federal Reserve that speeds up the normal funding process. Using this fast lane, you can submit a batch each day before 6 a.m. ET with transactions totaling up to $25,000 and receive your funds before midnight of the same day. This means that with Fast Track Funding you can submit your batch late Monday night after your business closes and you’ll have your funds deposited into your account before midnight on Tuesday rather than having to wait until Wednesday.

The Value of Time

We understand that your time is valuable, and managing your cash flow can be quite time-consuming. Fast Track Funding gives you the peace of mind and guarantee that your funds will be deposited when you need them. No guessing the exact hour of arrival or wondering if the funds will arrive before a withdrawal hits your account. We’ll take care of the timing so you can focus on running your business.

For Government & Education

The Problem

Many institutions choose to pass on a fee for processing when consumers make payments by card. On the conventional approach, this service fee is assessed as a single, flat-percentage rate—such as 2.75%—for all credit cards and debit cards. While this approach meets important economic interests for the institution, it also produces consumer affordability concerns. When a consumer absorbs an additional service fee, she effectively pays more for her education or her government services. Moreover, a flat-rate service fee forces a consumer with a low-cost card to subsidize a consumer with a more costly rewards card.

The Solution

Intelligent Rate improves on the flat-rate service fee model, pricing different cards at their different costs.
The patent-pending technology calculates the cost of the card the consumer chooses in real time, as the consumer types her card information within the payment page itself. Instead of charging a flat rate, Intelligent Rate automatically prices the service fee in proportion to what each transaction will actually cost

68% of Consumers Save with Intelligent Rate

Intelligent Rate is available in the following merchant category codes:


MCC 9311 – Tax

MCC 9222 – Fines

MCC 9211 – Court Costs

MCC 9399 – Misc. Government Services

MCC 8220 – College Tuition

MCC 8211 –Elementary/Secondary Schools

MCC 8244 – Business

MCC 8249 – Trade Schools

Poynt 5

Ultimate Mobility